Why I guide Part Two

As I said in a previous post guiding can be incredibly rewarding. Guiding isn’t about me riding my bike in these beautiful locations, it’s about you riding your bike in these incredible locations. I can guarantee, regardless of ability I’ll get asked how hard the riding is or do you think I can do it. The answer is always yes you can, as was proved this October.

I was asked to put together a few days for a family in Girona, two adults and two children. I haven’t been asked before, but not one for saying no I put together a suitable itinerary, nothing too challenging, after all they were nine and twelve. I met the clients at their hotel, immediately noticed the kids meant business, both head to toe in Q36.5, one of the few brands doing quality children’s kit and brimming with confidence.

Day one I decided we’d tackle the “Hincapie” loop, Els Angels straight out of Girona. The tone was set early on both of them settling in and tackling the 12 km ascent. My nerves were soon put to rest, they nailed it.

Each day they improved, always looking to finish in time to make it back to La Fabrica for lunch. On the final ride the younger one kept attacking her older brother, one seriously determined young lady.

If the Pyrenees was the best trip of the year, this was the most rewarding and I’m looking forward to sharing the road with these two young hitters in the years to come.