3000km of road. 40,000m of climbing. One great cause.

This June, Sommet Cycling founder and guide Nick will be clipping in to undertake an epic Continent-spanning fundraising ride in support of men’s health charity The Movember Foundation. It’s a dig-deep bucket-list of a route – ticking off some of Europe’s most demanding and breathtaking roads, from Biarritz to Bolzano – and a challenge driven by a very personal motivation to champion the Movember cause.

The challenge  A ride of 3000 km, scaling some of Europe’s highest peaks with more than 40,000m of ascent – the equivalent of climbing Everest 4.5 times over. The goal? To raise awareness and money for Movember’s vital work around men’s mental health and suicide prevention. Nick’s route will push him to tackle cycling’s toughest sommets, taking on the Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux, the French, Swiss and Italian Alps, the Stelvio and, finally, the Dolomites.

Why? It’s a shocking fact that more men than ever are taking their own lives – 60 per hour. Every hour. The struggle with depression and the stigmas that still exist around mental health can make taking the first step to seeking help feel like an impossible mountain to climb. After a personal battle with depression and anxiety that led to two suicide attempts, Nick eventually found the road to recovery – paved largely by friends from the cycling community – and decided to take action to help others like him to find their voice and get the support they need.

“After opening up to a few people, I took the plunge and finally ‘outed’ myself to friends and family. Getting it out there was key to getting better – so in the spirit of ‘getting it out there’, I decided to take my message out on the road, riding The Big Sommet AFGO challenge to hopefully inspire more people to talk, and, in my new role as a spokesperson for mental health and to support Movember in its goal to reduce the number of men losing their battle with depression.”

Let’s do this  Nick will be training hard for the next 6 months ahead of his mighty Movember challenge in June 2019; as well as hitting the gym and putting in the miles on endurance rides, he’ll be scheduling press interviews, social coverage, motivational talks and more to garner support and spread the word. Here’s where you come in…   

Nick will be supported on the road by Q36.5 and E-vers Cycling. Francis Cade and Camille Mcmillan will be documenting the journey.

Get involved

Pledge your support for Nick and The Movember Foundation via the JustGiving donation page. Every little bits of help.

Follow Nick’s progress on and off the bike on the Sommet Journal blog, where there’ll be regular updates on his training, sponsors and supporters, and on Instagram @NickFrendo and @SommetCycling.

If you’re interested in corporate sponsorship or hosting a motivational event with Nick in his role as a mentor and spokesperson, get in touch via email:

*AFGO. Another F@*cking Growth Opportunity

In the words of Winston Churchill:

“If you’re going through hell, keep going”