The Photography Edition Part Two

I decided a second edition was required for this series, no doubt there are still more people whose work I love and inspires me to ride and travel.

What I’ve enjoyed most about this project is that I know these guys well and have done for a number of years. I asked them for images they love and to be honest expected each of them to stay true to form, or at least true to my perception based on their Instagram accounts.

An instance of how photography has inspired me is around six or seven years ago, I saw an incredible image on a site of Fabian Cancellara from Strade Bianche my favourite race of the year and hunted Phil Gale down. At the time I was working for Sigma Sport and we wanted an image for a huge Trek display in the shop and their own stuff was very corporate and bland. Phil’s shot showed the pain, passion and determination of one of my hero’s winning the best race of the year. I think that’s when cycling and photography first clicked for me, it wasn’t long before I booked a flight to Pisa and rode some of those very roads.

Phil Gale

If you follow Assos or BMC you would have unwittingly already seen some of Phil’s work.

It’s always hard to pick your favourite images from the past year. Breaking my work down between following races, commercial photography and side projects meant that there was a lot to trawl through. There are many moments that stand out–moments that have created images that potentially mean more to me than those looking at them. A boy with infection energy stood by the side of the road at Roubaix, ear glued to the radio yelling the time gaps as the race approaches, who then proceeds to grab a French flag to cheer the riders on. A couple stood next to a brick wall at Omloop that are tucked out of the February wind waiting for the riders to pass – in this instance I was sat in a team car with blacked-out windows so I went unnoticed. Spectators stood in the lines of shade before a stage of the Vuelta passed, which were shot out of our press car. These are just glimpses that capture racing, as the riders play just a small part in the drama of a race.

The fourth image is from a side project with Patrick Seabase in Morocco, where he rode up to the Oukaïmeden ski station at 3000 metres on his track bike (fixed gear) and down. Following his epic ride from the back of the following pickup certainly gave me first-hand feel of this road. Seabase also features on the fifth image, but this time this tattooed fixed gear rider went up to Pico de Veleta in Sierra Nevada. This was selected as one of the RedBull Content Pool editor’s pictures of the week and shot whilst hanging out of a following car – the light and the skid are what really make this photo for me. Photo six takes me back to racing and Roubaix again, seeing GVA en route to winning cheered on by the young fan, I lined up opposite the family knowing there was the potential for a strong image, the red of the mum’s top just popped in the green field. The final shot is from the Lenzerheide XCO World Cup and shows that even though he dominated the race scene this year Schurter certainly isn’t immune to suffering like the rest of us. I just love the clean lines on this image.

Brazo de Hierro
An incredible portfolio of work and brands under his belt. MAAP, Attaquer, The Service Course Girona, Hunchback Society and many more. like most if the others it was a big ask so here’s some shots and words from last year. That shot of Marcel Battle and the 3T bike is just stunning.
All these photos are a recap of what I shoot in 2017. Slovenia, Hunchback Society cycling kit, MAAP, and taking some photos with a drone few meters above your heads. I have more great photos, because in 2017 mostly everyday i was shooting!

Jordi Carruana Pérez

Another friend from Girona. One of the many reasons Girona is such an incredible place is the community. Jordi is a part of The Service Course Lifestyle crowd and one of the original riders from the old La Fabrica race team.

One of the things I have to improve is landscape photography. I like it a lot, but I still have a lot to learn. Advertising photography is another of the styles I like. They allow me to work calmly and without haste. I know that the object to be photographed will not be moved.

I am a big fan of motor sport. I love photographing speed.

The last  photo was of the last race as a Christian Meier professional. It was taken in December 2016. A special moment for him where I was lucky to be able to share it with him.

Many thanks to Phil Brazo and Jordi for contributing. Look them up on Instagram or if you’re in love with any of their work drop me a line and i’ll put you in touch.

Nick Frendo