Sommet: Above and beyond

  Magnum Photos. That in itself would be enough for me to suggest a Sommet for the Weekend. Their catalogue of work is unparalleled and I have spent many, many hours (days, months…) studying, admiring and just enjoying it’s work over the years. In all fields, including, but well beyond cycling. A couple of days ago, […]

Last year we ventured into Switzerland in seek of cycling adventure. What we found was more than we had dreamed of. One of the best mountain climbs we have done, followed by one of the best climbs we have done. Then more… All in epic low rolling cloud, enveloping and caressing us up to and […]

I love the process of making both tea and coffee. The fact that you as an individual can affect what you make by following a process – for good or for bad. The creativity is in creating the process (through talking to experts – Christian!) and then playing with that yourself). Of course you need […]

Mud. Cycling. It’s been a week of mixed terrain for us. There was even half a day of rain in Barcelona so a little bit of the dust turn into a few patches of mud. Meanwhile, in Kent there was mud aplenty for the Gravel Battle Ride in preparation for La Resistance cycling event. Anyway, the […]

Five months to go until the wonderful La Resistance cycling event and our collaborating trip in Annecy in the Alps. The mixed terrain high mountains adventure we can’t wait for. Part of our DNA is to look for rides and cycling trips that are interesting, challenging, fun, refreshing. On all terrains. So as soon as we […]

We have partnered with La Resistance to create an escape in the high mountains (the Alps) taking on mixed terrain for a whole new adventure. Find out more in our Trips area.   It’s not the first time we will go up and get high on gravel. High mountain cycling on gravel is done as oft as […]

It had drifted on the the wind for many a month. Finally we found a day free for the three cycling photographers to spend a day mixed terrain cycle adventuring from the city to the autodrome. A Sommet custom cycling creation. The challenge and beauty of climbs, the smell of the vineyards on a gravel […]

Cycling tyres means gumwalls. Love em. This time of year there are more about than normal – aside from Cross season where they are beautifully ubiquitous. I’ll use creative license and include white walls as gumwalls which isn’t really correct, but… Whether it is pure vanity, a nod to history and old style class or […]

A true cycling heartland. An indulgence for a personal retrospective of Paris Roubaix visits. Spanning about 5 years and several rolls, of different types, of 35mm film through Rangefinder cameras, here are some happy memories from Northern France. From an early visit on returning to living in Europe to a 40th birthday last year there […]

So you may know that the weekend past was de Ronde. This cycling period of Flanders then Roubaix for me surpasses anything Christmas or birthdays can throw at me. I am not a racer, but some bike races are special and it’s a way to generate an idea and a route for some cycling exploration; an experience, […]