Girona is the place the pros call home: join them on amazing, challenging roads twisting through the lush foothills of the Pyrenees to the dazzling Costa Brava. With world-class cuisine and coffee too, Sommet’s Catalan base is a cycling-tour paradise. 

Cover some of the Giro d’Italia’s most soul-stirring stretches. Add a warm welcome, incredible food and a region steeped in history, and you get a truly challenging, inspiring and memorable journey ride.

Up for an adventure? Pairing Girona and the Pyrenees, this Catalan journey will test you on some of La Vuelta’s most challenging climbs. With dramatic mountain and Mediterranean scenery, each ride is pleasure-packed: this region delivers authentic cuisine and a hearty welcome.


Switzerland isn’t as obvious as the Alps, Dolomites or Pyrenees but it should be. San Gottard, Furka and Nufenen. Imagine taking three of the best roads in Europe and building them into one route, no need it’s been done already for you here.


Made-to-measure cycling trips. You want dream descents and Michelin-star dining? Hill climbs and home-cooked meals? We hear you. Go guided; or take a fully supported journey with a passionate crew of local experts.

AFGO 2020

After the success of my ride for Movember in 2019 I have decided to open up the ride for others to join. To find out more and register your interest follow the link


Ride the Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo and explore Bolzano with Sommet Cycling.  An epic trip covering some of the most iconic climbs in the Italian Alps.