Belle Cycles. Vic’s custom steel whip

One of the best things about my job is the amount of time I get to spend with people. Hour’s, days and sometimes weeks. I get real time feedback on how well their kit is working and how they’re feeling on a ride, just a bit knackered from the ride or in pain from their bike and poor fit. I’ll always be an advocate for custom, the whole process from interview to delivery and obviously the ride quality and feel.

This Belle is my first custom project and hopefully there’s more on the way. The bike has been designed with the mountains in mind, it needed to be light and responsive. We met Enrico Belle last summer and immediately clicked, definitely my kind of frame builder, passionate, hungry for information and feedback. Through a process of fits, interviews and conversations between the client, myself and Kico we designed the perfect bike for its intended use.

Every tube and  component has been carefully considered to make Vic as comfortable as possible and in turn help improve her enjoyment out on the bike.

The handover was a weekend in Sussex. Glorious sunshine and beautiful roads greeted us, the feedback was incredible. Having spent hundreds of KM’s on the road together it was great to see Vic comfortable, pain free and smiling.

If you’re interested in looking at a custom bike and having a chat, let me know I’d love to help.