Chris Beattie Ultra Distance Sommetier

Ultra distance Sommetier Chris Beattie.

I’ve known Chris for a couple of years now, we “met” through social media and Luigi Q36.5. Chris signed up for one of our Girona Escapes last year, we spent a few days together before the rest of the guests arrived and I soon discovered he’s not your average cyclist. To be fair if you turn up on a ride and Chris is there you’ll first be drawn to whatever one of his stunning bikes he’s chosen to bring, the Baum, Mosaic, Legor and maybe even one day the Lightweight will make an appearance, they’re all beautiful. Chris isn’t all show no go though, I’ve never actually witnessed him open it up and to be honest I never want to, he’s a true gent except for the day when he robbed me at the top of Mare de Deu del Mont. Generous, kind and incredibly considerate and that’s why I took the decision to offer support and assistance.

We’ll be following a promoting Chris throughout the year, here’s some more from the man himself.

This year has been a great one on the bike and will see me pass the 30,000km mark for 2017!  The year has also seen my attention shift to Ultra cycling while still continuing with mainstream events and this will be my main competitive focus for 2018 and beyond.  In the early part of the year I first mentioned participation in an Ultra event to Nick not knowing what his reply would be! Needless to say the support was there from day one, respect!

Over the last few months I have been busy finalizing my programme and organizing logistics for next season while continuing to work and train and travel back and forth to Catalonia.  Nick first introduced me to Girona back in 2016 and it is now starting to feel like a second home! Girona has everything you could possibly want from the best coffee and food to the best roads, a cyclist’s paradise!

On the competitive front I am planning to race three Ultra events next season and am happy to say that again I have the support of Sommet cc. The end of April, June and August will be the periods for peak form as I take on with my crew the Team Joe Barr 500, Donegal Ultra 555 and the Irish Ultra Challenge, the longest at 1100km!  Hopefully one of these will see a RAAM qualification ride!  For sure this is going to be an exciting time and I am finalizing some specific garments with Q36.5 our mutual friends in Bolzano, Italy for the events and to promote my supporters.  A lot of you will already be familiar with Q36.5 who have been the go to brand for the Sommet cc ride kits, always available from the online store.

Of course a year on the bike has to include a Sommet trip and with so many on the new calendar it is going to be hard to decide however an Italian trip is currently looking like a firm favourite for me!  For now however I will enjoy Christmas at home before flying to Girona to close out the year.

As an insight I will be keeping you all up to speed in 2018 with rides, races, trips, equipment, clothing and maybe even coffee!  So stay fit and healthy over the winter and perhaps we will meet up on the road, possibly on a Sommet cc adventure!

Good luck Chris.

Nick Frendo