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Sommet Cycling in the Dolomites

A long read diary of a recent Sommet Fully Supported Custom journey. This will be on our 2017 calendar, get in while you can. Contact us for more information Calcium magnesium carbonate. CaMg(CO3)2.  This is the foundation of dreams. Dreams in the high mountains for all those who love a challenge, beauty and cultural complexity. Cycling paradise. An epic […]

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Sommetier – Dan Pullen of (n+1) Coffee and Cycle Workshop

We want to be able to support friends of Sommet. Sommetiers. Those who make beautiful things, have great spaces and give great services; in the right way. It’s not all about us, not always about cycling, but always about those who share a desire to follow their passion and work with their passions, in the right way. Meet Sommetier Dan […]

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Cycling Britain. LEJOG.

Four friends set themselves a challenge of cycling Britain. From Lands End to John O’Groats. They chose twelve days, for various reasons. Along the way, birthdays were celebrated, rain was battled in true British summer fashion, but natural beauty, a sense of accomplishment and the joy of riding with friends were constant companions. We were delighted to […]

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Friends and Adventures On another Cycling Tour in Girona

Cycling tour in Girona. I’ll keep it brief. It was a fabulous, eventful, challenging, steep roads, long, fast, exhilarating, educational, friendship re-affirming, adventurous, caffeine filled, coffee bean roasting, culture nourished, hugs laden cops and robbers trip. A Sommet Cycling holiday! We loved Girona before. We are now infatuated with it, is riding and it’s the people; […]

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Sommet for the Weekend. Persol.

Many have been influenced by Persol glasses. None have got it quite as good as Persol. Style icons on the silver screen and in cycling know. Outstanding optics, incredible style and clever engineering details. Made in Italy. Good enough for Steve McQueen, good enough for Fausto Coppi, more than good enough for me.

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The Honor Race. Team Sommet. A Cycling Adventure in Vineyards

The Honor Race. A brevet style cycling event with five or six checkpoints (I wasn’t counting, though we thought we had missed the last one) leading teams to wend their way through the beautiful vineyards of the Penedès, half an hour south of Barcelona. Run by On Y Va Sports Culture, a mob driven as […]