It had drifted on the the wind for many a month. Finally we found a day free for the three cycling photographers to spend a day mixed terrain cycle adventuring from the city to the autodrome.


A Sommet custom cycling creation. The challenge and beauty of climbs, the smell of the vineyards on a gravel trail, the rocky trackstand trials section onto the eerie Autodromo de Terramar. A place where time seems to have stood still.

©HollisDuncan   ©theMUSETTE


A track built at the start of last century to host the Spanish F1 race, used for a year then left for nature to re-take what was built over her. Fits and starts of races between then and now, but not much. Still the roar of Bugattis and the like can almost be heard over the gentle breeze.


3 photographers rode to an autodrome…

The three photographers – to whom great thanks are bestowed – are Tomás “Arriere du Peloton” Montes, Hollis Duncan and (me) Ian “theMUSETTE” Walton. More from them all in the future without doubt. Thanks again guys.